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Discography and Extras - most recent to oldest:
Format is Group Name : Album Name (What I played or did) : Link

Hate Eternal: Infernus (bass, co-wrote music and lyrics - see insert credits) 2015 Hate Eternal website
Death Metal Christmas: Hellish Renditions of Christmas Classics (All instruments, music and lyrics) 2013 Death Metal Christmas website
Azure Emote: The Gravity of Impermanence (lead guitar on Conduit of Atrophy) 2013 This AE track on YouTube
Hate Eternal: Phoenix Amongst the Ashes (bass, co-wrote guitar riffs - see insert credits) 2011 Hate Eternal website
Vile: Metamorphosis (lead guitar, wrote 1st riff on "March Towards the Dawn", wrote and recorded rhythms and lead on "Rise") 2011 Vile track Rise on YouTube
Metal Rules! Radio Theme Song (guitars, wrote music) 2009 Metal Rules Radio Theme Song at MySpace
Divine Rapture: appearance on Philly Thrash Brigade (guitars, bass, wrote music) 2008 This DR track on YouTube
Randall Flagg : Warning: Contains Audio (drums) 2007 RF tracks at MySpace
Azure Emote: Chronicles of an Aging Mammal (drums, lead guitar, wood flute on select tracks) 2007 AE tracks at MySpace
Mourning: Blinded by Hate (drums) 2005 Mourning tracks at MySpace
Vile: The New Age of Chaos (lead guitar on select tracks) 2005 Vile track on YouTube
ICE (Imperial Crystalline Entombment): Apocalyptic End in White (drums, wrote music for 5 of the tracks) 2004 ICE track on YouTube
Deeve EP (drums) 2003
Divine Rapture: The Burning Passion (lead guitars, drums, keys, wrote music) 2003 On Amazon
Divine Rapture: appearance on Together As One Death Tribute compilation (lead guitar, bass, drums, arrangements) 2003 DR at Metal Archives
Divine Rapture: appearance on Tyrants From The Abyss Morbid Angel Tribute compilation (lead guitar, arrangements) 2002
          - also had Zyklon, Vader, Krisiun
This DR track on YouTube
Divine Rapture: Promo 2001 (lead guitar, bass, music) DR at Metal Archives
Divine Rapture: Self-Titled (guitars, drum programming, music) 1999 DR at Metal Archives
Various other compilations and samplers with Divine Rapture like Grinding Mafiozos, Brave Tracks,
          Ancient Ceremonies, Legacy, Grimoire etc